Dav El Rewards Terms and Conditions

Duration and Eligibility

Dav El rewards is a promotion open to corporate travel arrangers from October 30, 2014 until December 31, 2015. 
To be eligible, travel arrangers must have a profile with Dav El and must opt in to the program. 

Earning points

Once poted in, travel arrangers earn points by booking rides or by referring other travel arrangers to Dav El.  Points may be redeemed exclusively for Dav El rides.  Each point redeemed reduces the cost of a Dav El ride by $1.  Points are allocated as follows:
  • Opt in to program: 20 points.
  • Book rides: 10 points per ride (Only rides that are booked after a travel arranger has opted into the Dav El Rewards program will be eligible for Dav El Rewards points.  Rides must be completed and paid for.)
  • Rides booked by referred travel arranger new to Dav El: 20 points each for first 5 rides booked by each referral. (Only rides that are booked after the date of referral will be eligible for Dav El Rewards points.  Rides must be completed and paid for.) A travel arranger is considered new to Dav El is he or she has not booked rides with Dav El in the 6 months/180 days prior to their referral date. 
  • New travel arrangers may be referred to Dav El by providing their contact info at www.davel.com/refer or to a Dav El reservation agent or account coordinator. 
To qualify for points, rides must be booked by: 
  • Travel arrangers through their Dav El booker profile. 
  • Calling Dav El directly by phone. 
Points are not awarded on:
  • Free rides.
  • Rides that are later credited.  Dav El retains sole discretion to make decisions regarding credited rides.
  • Rides that are booked with redeemed Dav El Rewards points. 
  • Rides booked directly to traveler profiles (i.e., without also going through a booker profile).
  • Rides booked by CBT, GDS, travel agent or other means. 
Rewards points status definitions: 
  • Pending: Points earned on reservations that have been booked and completed, but have not been paid. 
  • Available: Points available to be redeemed (earned on rides that have been paid for). 
  • Redeemed: Points already used toward rides. 
  • Expired: Points that have expired and are no longer available.  Points expire after 24 months. 
Due to invoicing and payment processing, there can be a lag time of a few to 30 days or more between completion of a ride and the transfer of points from Pending to Available status. 

Redeeming points

Once a minimum of 100 points are accrued, points may be redeemed for Dav El rides. Points may be redeemed in increments of 20 by requesting a "point code" by calling Dav El directly.  To apply points to a Dav El ride, the unique "point code" must be referenced when making a reservation. 
  • Points can be used exclusively for reducing or eliminating the cost of Dav El rides. 
  • Points are honored on rides at all locations worldwide, on all vehicles at all times.  There are no restrictions except as stated herein. 
  • Points expire 24 months after the date of issue. 
  • Point codes expire 90 days after the date of issue.  Reservation must be made within that 90-day period; ride can take place anytime. 
  • Point codes in excess of ride cost are forfeited and have no cash value. 
  • Dav El Rewards points may not be combined with other promotions, offers or discounts. 

Dav El Rewards is not available to travelers or travel agents. 

Employees of Dav El, business partners and affiliated service providers are not eligible for the Dav El Rewards program. 

Dav El Rewards program is offered to individual accounts and clients at the sole discretion of Dav El. 

Dav El Rewards program may be discontinued at any time, without notice.  Points must be redeemed within 12 months of the end of the promotion. 

Dav El Rewards program is void where prohibited by law.