Dav El Rewards

Book rides for your travelers.  Earn free rides for yourself. 

As a travel arranger, it's your job to book rides for others.  With Dav El Rewards, you can book rides for yourself for a change -
for free! It's our way of saying thank you for your business and your trust. 

A free ride from Dav El would make your next night out more fun and that trip to the airport less stressful.  You deserve it. 

Three easy ways to earn points:

  •   Opting in to the program (20 points).  You can opt in next time you call Dav El directly to book a ride. 
  •   Booking rides (10 points for each ride booked).   Important: In order to earn points, rides must be reserved by calling us  directly and must be booked to your booker profile.
  •  Referring a new travel arranger (20 points for each of the first five rides that person books - a total of 100 points!) And you can  refer as many people as you'd like. 

Redeem points toward free or discounted rides:
  •  Points are credited to your profile once the ride has been billed and paid.  Each point is equivalent to $1.00 off a Dav El ride.
  •  You must have 100 points available in order to redeem.  You can redeem points in any multiple of 20: 20, 40, 60 etc.
  •  For more information on redeeming points, go to Redeem Rewards

Questions?  Contact us at

For more details on the program, see Dav El Rewards Terms and Conditions