Using Your Account

You should know:
Create a profile and you will be able to make reservations faster and more accurately.  You can save time by referring to your profile number when making reservations. Plus, a profile enables you to save billing information and frequently traveled destinations .  Best of all, with a profile in place, you'll be just a click away from all your rides and you'll have access to receipts and ride reports.  Create your profile now by completing this brief profile form: Create My Profile

Download our Mobile APP and store your profile number to book with ease on the go any time at your convenience: Dav El Mobile App

Confirmations are automatically emailed to those who have an email address noted in a Dav El profile.  You'll receive a confirmation immediately after you book a ride.  You'll see another confirmation approximately 24 hours ahead of the scheduled pickup to remind you to check that your reservation is still in sync with your travel plans.  Finally, you'll receive a notification about 20 minutes before your pickup to tell you that we're on the way and to remind you of pickup instructions.

Pickup instructions are provided for many locations to make it easier for passengers to meet their chauffeurs.  Pickup instructions are particularly important at airports, where local authorities often set designated pickup locations.  These instructions appear in the confirmation that is emailed after the reservation is made.  They are sent again 24 hours and approximately 20 minutes before your scheduled pickup time.  Please be sure passengers always receive pickup instructions for their rides.

Receipts are automatically emailed as soon as they are available to those who have an email address noted in a Dav El profile and available any time after the ride has been priced through our Mobile App.